Our Unique style of Power Yoga is designed to Promote Weight Loss, Maintaining Shape, Improving Flexibility, and working towards a healthy mind and body.

Weight Loss

Complete workout to reduce weight scientifically.

Stress Relief

Power Yoga also helps in balancing hormones and hence helps in everday Stress Relief


Staying in Shape

Complete Workout to maintain or get into shape.

Complete Workout

A complete workout including Warm up exercise, Cardio Workout, Breathing Practises and Meditative Practices.

FAQ Power Yoga

Neolife Power Yoga is mainly focused on Weight loss, Flexibility, Staying in shape and to combat everyday stress. It works in variety of ways to help body come to its ideal state.

Neolife Power Yoga is nothing but Hatha Yoga but with small improvements from Neolife. It is excellent for day to day fitness regime and we encourage every one to follow it.

# The body has to be flexible enough and hence must have completed Course of beginners yoga first.
# Yoga Participants Must not have High BP or any sort of Pain like Joint Pain, Spondylitis etc. For that we have Neolife Medical Yoga. 

Power Yoga has to be done under guidance of experienced teacher as wrong pose or wrong sequence does not yield you any benefit.

If you feel any discomfort during the class, immediately inform the teacher and stop the practise.

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Neolife POWER Yoga

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