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Beginners Yoga

Rigid Body has to be made flexible first for any kind of exercise to be given. Beginners Yoga Concentrates on making body flexible to Avoid damage to the joints and muscles of the body

Your First Step into the wonderful world of Yoga

It may sound Trivial but Beginners Yoga is extremely important and it is the first step to be taken to make the body flexible. Lets Learn What Neolife Beginners Yoga is all about.

  1. Seperate Instructor to explain you the process - At Neolife Yoga, we have a separate instructor to handle beginners yoga. we explain them the correct pose and also correct method of breathing.
  2. Stiff Body - Undoubtedly any exercise can not be performed on stiff body. If done, then it leads to muscle injury and damage to the body in such a way that recovery takes a very long time.
  3. Introduction to Yoga - Yoga is Not all about the poses, but it is about mind, body and soul. Beginners Yoga takes us to a journey of getting introduced to yoga, the correct form of poses, the correct breathing pattern, correct sequence.
  4. Learning Phase - Separate trainer gives personal attention until perfect pose and breathing pattern is learnt.

Get First Hand Experience of

Neolife Beginners Yoga

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