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Your Permanent Solution to Life-style Diseases

Our unique style of Medical Yoga is aimed at removing root cause of lifestyle disease. We have successfully cure many diseases permanently which we are proud to showcase. Please read below and visit us at our branches to get more information.

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What is Medical Yoga ?

Life style disease is a disease associated with the way a person or group of people lives. Life style diseases are different from other diseases because they are potentially preventable, and can be lowered with changes in diet, life style, and most importantly with Yoga. Neolife Medical Yoga Aims to remove the root factor which is leading to illness. Please read below about different illness which we cure at Neolife.

Back Pain, Joint Pain and Spondylitis

Joint pains and Spondylitis occurs when there is increased vaata in your body. There can be several root cause of the problem which could vary anything from acidity, hormonal disturbance, stress, increased uric acid, increased vaata, constipation, wrong lifestyle, bad posture etc. At Neolife we diagnose the root cause of the problem and give yoga according to that. We have successfully cures many people from different forms of joint pains to severe cases such as slip disc and Arthritis with diet and yoga only. 




An important hormone thyroid which is produced in thyroid gland which regulates metabolism inside the body. When this gland is disturbed, the entire equilibrium of state of human body is disturbed. The medicine to regulate thyroid hormone has many side effects which adds to the existing problem. At Neolife Yoga we completely cure thyroid disorder if the medicines have not started, If the medicines have started, then we help you reduce the dosages and remove any side effects. We help you with weight management which occurs due to thyroid malfunction and also balance hormones. We prevent occurrences of PCOD and other side effects of hormonal disturbances which occurs due to thyroid malfunction. 

PCOD - Polycystic Ovarian Disease

PCOD is a relatively common problem today. One of the major side effect of PCOD is hormonal imbalance which leads to many health complications. Unhealthy diet, extended working hours, lack of sleep and high stress are all promoting factors. PCOD leads to irregular periods and infertility. Unmanageable Weight gain is also a major concern. At Neolife we concentrate on activating and regularizing endocrine system through Yoga. We also give stress releasing asana and yoga to balance hormones. Finally a good workout to reduve unwanted weight gained over time.  


Asthma, Breathing Troubles, Blocked Nose


Breath is Life force which is very essential to body. When the pathway to intake of sufficient oxygen is blocked, entire life force is at risk. Lack of proper Oxygen can cause frequent Headache, sinus, Stress, neurological disorder, Hormonal disturbances, Digestive disorder, Allergies to pollen & dust, breathlessness and loss of concentration. At Neolife we increase the fire inside body which helps open up pathways to blocked nose & Asthma. Different breathing exercise helps increase lung capacity. 


Over 100 types of arthritis exist which introduces painful lifestyle symptoms. Increased vaata and reduced joint fluids are main culprit for pain in the joints and stiffness. Common mistakes everyone does is to take NSAIDS, steroids or some form of anti-inflammatory medicines which introduces various side effects. There is no cure in modern medicines for such disorders. At Neolife Yoga we give Controlled exercise to reduce stress and improve joints health. We strengthen joints and also increase intake of oxygen insode bosy which helps joints heal faster. We help improve flexibility and reduce symptoms to minimum to lead a normal life. Yoga is very essential in arthritis as a dormant lifestyle increases the problem.  




Infertility is observed when hormones in body is completely disturbed or an existing medical condition already exist in body such as thyroid or PCOD etc. This fails repetitive IVF and other modern techniques to conceive. At Neolife Yoga we have successfully cured many people with Infertility with our unique style of yoga to activate reproductive system and endocrine system. Neolife Yoga also helps in removing blockages in fallopian tubes and promotes immunity which is essential for healthy and successful pregnancy.


Migraine is a neurological disorder that causes recurring headaches ranging from moderate to high intensity. Triggers for Migraine attack vary for each individual. Among the factors include stress, certain food, weather changes, light, smells or odors, change in sleeping habits, some medications, and hormonal fluctuations. At Neolife Yoga we help increase oxygenrated blood flow to brain and help relax parasympathetic nervous system which helps recover from stressful event, such as a migraine.  


Other Disease


At Neolife we also cure various other types of diseases such as Hypertension, acidity, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue, Managing Diabetes, Depression, Insomnia, Poor Posture
Sciatica, Varicose Veins, Indigestion and other life style disorders. 

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